Supporting women through pregnancy and parenting in addiction or substance misuse
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Stigma is a significant barrier to treatment faced by both pregnant women and mothers who use alcohol or other drugs. By having a non-judgemental attitude we can support women who are fearful about disclosing their alcohol or drug use confidentially and sensitively while offered appropriate care, counselling and referrals .  We are here to support women and will never judge.


We provide a safe therapeutic relationship with both pregnant women and mothers so that they are able to address ongoing alcohol or drug use.  We can assist with both confidential counselling and referrals to pharmacological treatment as required.

We also provide case coordination or work with existing case coordinators from other services.

We offer support through preconception counselling to the very long journey that is motherhood - supporting mothers who are parenting while struggling with their alcohol or drug use.

Whether you have concerns about binge drinking, dependence or addiction we are here to help.       



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