Intensive Relapse Prevention Course



Do you ever wonder why you keep using drugs and alcohol despite the consequences?

Are you surprised when you can’t say NO?

Do you want to know how to stop thinking obsessively about alcohol and drugs?

Are you a chronic relapser?

Have you got too much to loose to risk using your drug of choice again?


  Our intensive relapse prevention course is interactive, structured and facilitated by an experienced drug and alcohol professional. The program is designed to explore the issues and triggers that have lead to relapse in the past and may lead clients to relapse in the future.  The program uses the theoretical frameworks of CBT, ACT, 12 step and strength based practice to enhance the clients ability in coping with triggers, obsessions and compulsions, cravings and faulty thinking patterns.  The course will include harm reduction as a topic due to addiction and substance abuse being understood as a chronic and relapsing condition.  The course is set over three consecutive weeks to assist in the development of new skills, bringing about a deeper level of change and awareness.