DUI CHARGES?  Short term coaching and counselling for legal issues
Combinations of person to person and telephone options

We develop individual treatment plans that maximise our clients ability to get the results they need with a full understanding of the potential consequences of further infringements on both themselves and their community.


Whatever your goals, we will provide you with supportive coaching or counselling programs that will enable you to fulfill your personal, legal and professional commitments while working through your issues in a confidential environment.

Clients with DUI charges often experience high levels of stress and need to work on short term goals which can work discretely with existing life commitments - we are able to offer support and flexibility and are generally able to work through these limitations.
Combinations of practical recovery coaching for building skills in conjunction with therapy sessions, where necessary, for working through lifestyle and emotional issues to create a complete short-term program designed specifically for you.


We supply Completion of Treatment documents and Court Reports where requested, to maximise our clients ability to demonstrate both remorse and a commitment to changing their behaviour.