Coaching and counselling


Coaching and counselling at SRS is tailored for the individuals needs. We understand substance abuse, dependence and addiction and the importance of staying connected in the crucial early days and weeks of change. It’s for that reason we offer intensive support to our clients through email and support calls when necessary.

 We work in a way that individualises each client’s treatment program by creating avenues and choices dependent on where the client is currently positioned in terms of their readiness to change or their specific treatment goals. We draw from a wide range of proven treatment modalities and tools such as CBT, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness, Motivational Enhancement Therapy, 12 Step and Harm Minimisation. This integrated approach to treatment allows the client to utilise different models whilst still working to a structured but flexible program.

Individual coaching and counselling sessions are available at our Hornsby office, via Skype or phone.

For those who are entering or leaving in house treatment


The best time to start working with a counsellor is before entering treatment. Pre coaching gives you the opportunity to address any fears or ambivalence in your decision to go into treatment while supporting you in remaining clean or sober in the days leading up to admission. This is often a critical time as many find it difficult without support to remain motivated after detox while waiting to go into treatment.


Leaving a treatment program and returning home can be a challenging time. The transition from a safe drug free environment to the outside world where often the individual is going home to an environment that is unsafe poses a risk to the individual maintaining their recovery. A recovery coach can help in this fragile time, providing extra support and services. Our recovery coaches will help the client in making any lifestyle changes needed to assist in the transition back to their lives with continued support in the first crucial days after discharge.