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Do you or someone you know have a problem with alcohol or drugs?


   Drug and alcohol misuse, dependency and addiction affect many of us from all walks of life. Sydney Recovery Support on the North Shore provides counselling and support services to a wide range of individuals and families seeking support for drug and alcohol related problems. We are a private, specialist alcohol and drug service whose primary goal is to help people make long lasting changes with their substance use. We provide a private, confidential option for those seeking a supportive environment to work through their issues. Whether you need help with binge drinking or are struggling with addiction please give us a call for a free 15 minute session.  There is no need to hit rock bottom but if rock bottom is already in the picture we can work together to put the pieces of your life back together.

     "Do I have a problem?"  Signs of substance abuse
  • Consuming more alcohol or other substance than originally planned

  • Worrying about stopping or consistently failed efforts to control one’s use

  • Spending a large amount of time using drugs/alcohol, or doing whatever is needed to obtain them

  • Use of the substance results in failure to “fulfill major role obligations” such as at home, work, or school.

  • “Craving” the substance (alcohol or drug)

  • Continuing the use of a substance despite health problems caused or worsened by it. This can be in the domain of mental health (psychological problems may include depressed mood, sleep disturbance, anxiety, or “blackouts”) or physical health.

  • Continuing the use of a substance despite its having negative effects in relationships with others (for example, using even though it leads to fights or despite people’s objecting to it).

  • Repeated use of the substance in a dangerous situation (for example, when having to operate heavy machinery, when driving a car)

  • Giving up or reducing activities in a person’s life because of the drug/alcohol use

  • Building up a tolerance to the alcohol or drug. Tolerance is defined by the DSM-5 as “either needing to use noticeably larger amounts over time to get the desired effect or noticing less of an effect over time after repeated use of the same amount.”

  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms after stopping use. 

5 Myths about Addiction that Undermine Recovery


Honest, courageous and insightful aren’t words typically used to describe drug addicts. But if given the chance, many addicts end up developing these qualities and contributing to society in a way they never imagined possible. 


Incubation of craving: The fast road to relapse

It’s very important to realize that craving in the absence of cues decreases much more quickly, often beginning almost immediately after quitting.




Drug Abuse, Addiction, and the Brain


What people often underestimate is the complexity of drug addiction -- that it is a disease that impacts the brain, and because of that, stopping drug abuse is not simply a matter of willpower.